Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silvia Stagg For President

My Fellow Americans and public worldwide, I am a National Security Victim Witness, in a worldwide Black Ops Technology Government Corruption Case and the Step-Daughter of a Former US Secret Service Agent to President Lyndon Baynes Johnson at the White House.  Good Government and I are concerned about the proper Treatment of its Citizenry. Our Country's Founding White Christian European Descent Race is facing Emasculation-Disenfranchisement-Race Extinction worldwide due in part to being denied Life Extension while Minorities flood our Countries. And All Persons are subject to Poverty-Disability-Failing Health-Crime-Terrorism-Natural Catastrophies-Wars (with unconstitutionally mandated draft causing many unfit soldiers to commit suicide). Illegal Minorities are Illegally given "Pathways to US Citizenship" accessing and endangering our socioeconomic Entitlements facing massive cuts harming our US Born Citizenry-Lawful Engry Nationalized US Citizens/Residents et al including our sixty million Baby Boomer Population. By 1980, our Government openly admitted to using our "Social Security Fund/Monies to Pay a Portion of the Interest on the Deficit/National Debt" which worried our Congressional Legislative Representatives, some of whom asserted our wealthy Social Security Fund may become insolvent. This discourse gave rise to hysterical threats to create separate Individual Accounts and end Social Security as we know it. Our country began taking away more and more of our socioeconommic entitlement benefits especially in medicaid and medicare. While ignoring the need for these insurances, some representatives argue since we do not directly pay for all of our socioeconomic entitlements, we do not deserve to receive them. The Elderly, the Disabled, and the Indigent desperately depend on Social Security Services Welfare, Food Stampts, HEAP, Social Security Insurances, Medicaid and Medicare. We must maintain responsible continuity of previous Government Legislation and Programs. It is necessary to remember and respect the Intent behind our various Congressional Acts/Codified Laws. It is the responsibility of Government to Print the Needed Monies and Pay Off Our National Debt while the population historically pays a Fair Contributory Rate of Taxation which should never exceed Ten Percent Annual Income. We should exercise responsible Price Fixing/Caps on Prices for goods and services rendered. The Federal Reserve should charge no more than a Penny on the Dollar for Monies Given-Loaned-Insured to Banks. The usage of Compounded Interest should be abolished. We should Institute a Cap of Ten Percent Interest on Credit Cards-Credit Lines. American Businesses must be guaranteed Ninety Percent (90%) of the USA Market. The NAFTA/North American Free Trade Act of 1996 should be repealed and we should use Protective Tariffs. We failed to use Protective Tariffs and this allowed China to creat a powerful military Complex. During the Clinton Era, Chinese  Descendants (most likely US Nationalized Chinese Nationals allowed to be employed by national security protected contractors-subcontractors) were found guilty of stealing designs for China from our Navy's Advanced Nuclear Submarine and Advanced Aerospace Rocketry allowing China to access space.  Free Trade Policies as argued by Big Business destroys American Businesses forcing them to manufacture abroad to compete in the USA Sales Market (placing Americans out of work causing them to lose their Homes, Insurances, Retirement Monies/IRAs). A worst case scenario, IBM relocated to China by 1996, and soon thereafter an increase in Computer Terrorism/Cyber Wars ensued with Chinese Computer Hackers breaking into our Congressional Capitol and Pentagon Computers. American Businesses should return to the United States so we can recapture our competitive edge, protect our national security interests by keeping our population employed and our technology secret. Unfortunate attacks upon our Constitutional Democratic way of life by New York State Board of Education recently announcing they "Intend to end grammar school instruction in Cursive Writing" is another 1984 play by Barack Obama via our Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose Great State enjoys a Historically Compassionate Treatment Record toward the Indigent, Elderly and the Disabled since the Letchworth Village Era made infamous by ABC/Channel 7 Reporter Geraldo Rivera, and the years of infamy prior thereto.  In my legal case filed with the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch of Government including the US Congress, and my Candidacy, I am attempting to bring forth Black Ops Technology Life Extension Healings worldwide (per legal status) and install a modern socioeconomic infrastructure guranteeing a minimum annual salary of US$100,000.00 per person. We must make obsolete evictions for any reason, while we guarantee that everyone own at least one 'Smart House' Designed Residence.  This infrastructure utilizes Active-Passive Solar Energy with back-up energy/power via Hydro-Electric Power and Nonradioactive Nuclear Cold Water Fission. And for Vehicular Fuels: Sugarcane Ethanol (reportedly commanding 40% of Brazil's fuel economy and 7% more efficient than Corn Ethanol. See TV Documentary hosted by Frank Sesno "Out of Gas-You Were Warned.") and 'Jatropha' a Bio-Diesel which needs no further processing. Both Plants are grown in the Great State Florida. My Government approved Programs are Titled: (1) Plan A-The Most Trusted Infrastructure and Aerospace Program, Nature and Wildlife Sanctuary on/off Planet for US Born White Christian European Descent Race Members, and (2) Plan C-The Most Trusted On Planet Infrastructure w/Limited Advanced Technology-No Aerospace for Non US Born Citizens-Minorities. Both Programs have high speed rail/train transportation connecting the largest cities and inner cities. As your Presidential Candidate filing under Republican-Independent-Democratic, I require over Five Thousand US Dollars Campaign Funds and my Supportors to Contact All Fifty US State Secretary of State Board of Election Directors (preferably) or Chief of Staff and ask them to place me on the Ballot as a Presidential Candidate in EVERY County in Each of Our Fifty US States and All US Territories (i.e. Puerto Rico-US Guam-US Virgin Islands). And kindly contact All State Delegates and Chairmans for the RNC/Republican National Committee & DNC/Democratic National Committee to Choose myself as their Party's Presidential Candidate.  Vote Silvia Stagg for President!
Silvia Stagg 424 19th Street Niagara Falls-New York 14303 TEL: 716-280-9808 & 716-417-1093


  1. i am trying to answer me what is myself as secular god
    god has to be metaphor for good
    devil for bad and evil
    people is between
    now i consider myself goodiest person in the world and i act and do so, it had put me on the position and status of almost god in secular, so i run with you the candidates for such official god, you will assume office of PRUS and me the office of presumed GOD,
    yes, it is crazy and insane to be so good, so, secular god is craziness and insanity but it is so close to divinity or god or ultimate positivity or final goodness
    now, Almighty is supposed to be there somewhere, but is not crossing his line (HE is not crazy) hahahaha, HE stays on the OTHER side, and I am condemned to be beside the civilisation, because they can not comprehend such comprehensiveness, they are dysfunctional, yes,
    i am pushed by history to these extremes
    and now I am as secular god clinched and squeezed from one side by Civilisation and from other side by Almighty ....Is civilisation really castrated for secular god .... its providence and its intuition of the secular god .... left on muted and away Almighty He and his assumptionism .... or He Almighty's morpheism ...

  2. People trusted politicians and latter have violate such confidence, what is to be done ....
    this i solutioned as bringing extension to the politics, and i found the word that is PROVIDENCE or Providity or so, because they, politicians, remain under roof and secular god is overroof .... then I invented conjuncracy to connect democracy to a secular god as the church is doing in other pipeline .... that means that secular god resides in the area between politics and perfection, where is Almighty, so that secular god Zikalkis is in that provident area .... professional ( personal), political, providential then perfect ....Folks .... you are my mentor .... they are carrying out deleveragings, decouplings, deregulating
    while I come to delimit ....okay

  3. I am for fair play ....

  4. I am Zikalkis I am commenting from my various accounts with different avatars
    if you have operation for president i am at your disposal as the secular god with the paradigm

  5. Hi
    I am Zikalkis,
    how is the progress of our cause
    is the campaign looming
    zillion is on the horizon
    see ya

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    2. I agree. Aside from the delusional comments, their grammar and command of written language shows a level of illiteracy that's frightening.